El Corredor Del

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Pan's Labyrinth

Pan's Labyrinth

Pan's Labyrinth    25 August 2006


TMDb: 7.7/10 5,704 votes

Living with her tyrannical stepfather in a new home with her pregnant mother, 10-year-old Ofelia feels alone until she explores a decaying labyrinth guarded by a mysterious faun who claims to know her destiny. If she wishes to return to her real father, Ofelia must complete three terrifying tasks.

El Niño

El Niño

El Niño    29 August 2014


TMDb: 6.4/10 129 votes

Two youths, Niño and Compi, enter the world of drug smuggling in the Strait of Gibraltar; while two police officers, Jesús and Eva, try to eradicate the contraband.

Una de Zombis

Una de Zombis

Una de Zombis    29 November 2003


TMDb: 5.1/10 8 votes

Aijón and Caspas are two aspiring filmmakers in their 20s despite having a huge lack of resources, ideas and contacts. Inexplicably, a woman named Carla (the source of sexual tension in the film) agrees to help them. However, if Aijón and Caspas want their film to be released, they will have to eliminate the members of a Satanic mafia of psychopath gangsters who call themselves "The Antichrists", which have returned from their graves in order to spread terror into the world and tell horribly lame jokes. -Edgar Cochran-

Isi/Disi - Amor a lo bestia

Isi/Disi - Amor a lo bestia

Isi/Disi - Amor a lo bestia    23 July 2004


TMDb: 5.4/10 23 votes

Will love compromise one man's devotion to heavy rock? That's the all-important question behind this broad comedy from Spain. Isi (Santiago Segura) and Disi (Florentino Fernandez) are two best friends who live in a lower middle-class neighborhood near Madrid. Isi and Disi aren't especially bright, but their devotion to heavy metal is complete and unquestioned, and they wouldn't be caught dead listening to a lame pop singer like, say , Joaquin Sabina. However, one day Isi sees Vane (Jaydy Michel), a beautiful girl who attends a nearby college, and immediately falls head over heels in love.

The Orphanage

The Orphanage

The Orphanage    20 May 2007


TMDb: 7.2/10 1,234 votes

A woman brings her family back to her childhood home, which used to be an orphanage, intent on reopening it. Before long, her son starts to communicate with a new invisible friend.

The Crime of Padre Amaro

The Crime of Padre Amaro

The Crime of Padre Amaro    01 October 2002


TMDb: 6.3/10 66 votes

The young Father Amaro is put to the test. He is sent to Mexico to help take care of aging Father Benito when he meets a 16-year-old girl that he begins and affair with. It turns out the girls mother had been having an affair with Father Benito. Father Amaro must soon choose between the holy or the sinful life.

The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner    10 September 2014

ActionMysteryScience FictionThriller

TMDb: 7.1/10 10,272 votes

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, young Thomas is deposited in a community of boys after his memory is erased, soon learning they're all trapped in a maze that will require him to join forces with fellow “runners” for a shot at escape.